I Became the Dark Villain’s White Moonlight

I Became the Dark Villain’s White Moonlight
Other names
反派变成白月光[快穿, Fǎnpài Biàn Chéng Bái Yuèguāng

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"Wu! Eat your dreams!<br> Shao Lingheng is the most perfect dish for Du Yan.<br> Here is the perfect recipe for cooking nightmares, also known as \u201cHow to be a qualified villain boss.\u201d<br> [Youth Tragedy Movie Nightmare \u2013 the male lead cheated while drunk, which led to the pregnant female lead\u2019s abortion and breakup. ] Du Yan: I want to give the male lead physical health education, refuse pre-marital x behavior, educate the male lead to exploit others and finally wait to be killed.<br> Male lead: I will follow your thoughts and take away your power, just to keep you with me.<br> [Historical Power Conspiracy Nightmare \u2013 The Male Lead takes advantage of the heroine and destroys the country and her family.] Du Yan: I want to become the heroine, then later lift up my skirt and scare the male lead to death, finally wait to be killed by the tricked male lead.<br> Male lead: You hate this dynasty, then as you wish, I will ruin it for you.<br> [Netherworld Ghost Movie Nightmare \u2013 The Male Lead ended up killing all his teammates] Du Yan: I want to kill the male lead and make him a ghost, and finally wait to be killed by the bullied male lead.<br> Male lead: If I can always haunt you after becoming a ghost, then I am willing.<br> ***<br> It\u2019s so much trouble to fill one\u2019s stomach!<br> As the only bloodline left by the Beast Boqi in a low-level energy plane, Du Yan, after awakening, fell into the tragic situation of not having enough to eat every day. Until he met Shao Lingheng, the movie emperor who was too deep into his roles and was troubled by nightmares every night.<br> But you never know, the things happened were unexpected.<br> Shao Lingheng: That man is the cinnabar mole in my heart, white moonlight in the sky. He has paid a lot for me.<br> Du Yan: Wait, are we not on the same channel?<br> Associated Names<br> F\u01cenp\u00e0i Bi\u00e0n Ch\u00e9ng B\u00e1i Yu\u00e8gu\u0101ng [Ku\u00e0i Chu\u0101n]<br> \u53cd\u6d3e\u53d8\u6210\u767d\u6708\u5149[\u5feb\u7a7f]"

I Became the Dark Villain’s White Moonlight Chapters

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